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AFM or Active Fuel Management is such a motors technology which improves the gas mileage of a car or truck and improves fuel consumption. In light load condition AFM shut down half of the cylinder and thus the fuel reduces take place.

This system is also known as Cylinder Deactivation. Fuel consumption can be reduced up to 5-7 percent by using the Active Fuel Management system.

But many people noticed some issues with the AFM system. One of them noticed in a truck forum that when the active fuel management switches from 4 to 8 cylinders, there is a loud squeak like noise that comes from the truck. And It makes this noise every time it switches from 4 to 8, no matter what the speed.

Another problem is sometimes the AFM system fails and create a problem in oil consumption.So sometime it becomes so necessary to disable the AFM system.

How to Disable AFM on GM/Chevy Engines

You can disable AFM in two ways. First, you have to install a quality range AFM disabler. The second way by installing an AFM Delete Kit.

How to install AFM disabler

AFM disabler is an electronic device which is connected to the plug of the OBD-II tool under the dashboard. Because of AFM disabler, computer cannot switch over to four-cylinder mode. This system is the most effective way to disable AFM. Also, it is the easiest way too.

By installing AFM disabler you will get a bonus, that is exhaust sound. This will improve your exhaust sound also.

My suggestion is that, unless you are so worried about gas mileage then you should disable AFM, or at least try it to see how you like it.

Today we will review range technology AFM disabler in this post

Range AFM Disabler Reviews

Range AFM Disabler keep your vehicle in V8 mode. On all GM active vehicle, this disabler disables the four four-cylinder mode. No tools needed when you connect AFP disabler with the port of OBD-II diagnostic tool. No need to Re-flashing the factory program.

All-time this serve full power and keep no signs of plugging in of AFM disabler. Boost up consistent power supply over the whole power band. It also increases throttle response. This is best for such situations like Snowy, icy, towing, off-road or other high load situations.

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wipes out the irritating chamber drop keep you inconsistent power. If you are fed up with jerky and annoying ride just get one of these, install and feel awesome. It is very easy to use. Just plug in and use.

Important Features

  • Installs within a seconds!​
  • Best for comparative high load situations.
  • Works like it's supposed to work.
  • Disable 4 cylinder mode on all GM AFM Vehicles.
  • Keep your vehicle in V8 mode!
  • Level power supply.

What We Liked

  • Increase throttle response.​
  • All-time full power.
  • no tools are needed to install.

What We Did't Like

  • cost is relatively high.​
  • LED is so bright.
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