Milwaukee m18 Grease Gun Review | Why You Should Buy This One

Greasing various machinery and equipment is a tough ask especially greasing heavy equipment where it requires a huge amount of grease. Moreover, manual grease guns are tiresome and painful too. So you cannot take proper care of your machinery.

Milwaukee has introduced M18 grease gun which is one of the best of its kind. This gun is more powerful than M12 grease gun and has almost all the best features of a proper grease gun. 

This gun is a user-friendly device that also is a time-consuming device too. You must want to try this grease gun which will be a treat for your machinery.

So let's have a quick Milwaukee M18 grease gun review.

Whom Is This Product For?

​This Milwaukee m18 grease gun can be used in light and very heavy-duty trucks, sports cars and many utility vehicles to lubricate the grease fittings.

​Factory equipment and machineriesThis gun provides an easier way to lubricate factory machine components and equipment.

Moreover, it is easy to stop the flow at the right time in this gun.

​Lawn mowerLawn mower user also needs this important device to lubricate the spindles and grease fittings are in the back of the mower where it is hard to lubricate by hand.

​Product Specifications:

  • ​Max pressure: up to 10000 psi.
  • Weight: 9.1 lbs.
  • Size: 3.8" H x 19.7"L x 9.2” W.
  • Valve: Air bleeder valve.
  • Flexible Hose: 48” flexible hose.
  • Trigger system: Lock-on and lock-off.
  • Measurement: Metric.
  • Voltage: 18 volts.
  • Power source: Battery.

Features and Benefits Of Milwaukee m18 Grease Gun:

Huge Power: 

This Milwaukee M18 grease gun produces almost 10,000 psi which is a very big deal. This one is 2000-3000 psi above other guns. 2000psi more than the M12 grease gun.

It helps to make the job very easy and also reduces the need of using hand greasing.

Better Flow Rate:

This gun has a great flow rate of grease. Two flow rate about 3.5 ounces per minute and 10 ounces per minute.

This enables the quick and risk-free and fluent flow of grease in your machinery and all the equipment.

Long Hose:

This gun has 48 inches long hose. Almost 12 inches longer than all other available in the market.

It enables you to reach further to the fitting and to the base where it is located. Moreover, it has dual spring guards which help to protect the hose.

Onboard LED Light:

This gun also includes an on-board LED light.This is a very good feature of this gun. Because every time you may not work in sun light.

So you need extra light to see the place where you want to apply grease.

Battery And Longevity:

The battery is 1.5 ah lithium ion battery. It has a run time of up to 10 cartridges per charge.Moreover, this gun allows you to use any Milwaukee M18 lithium ion battery.

It also includes a Milwaukee multi-voltage battery charge that is applicable for both M12 and M18 batteries.

What we liked

  • This Milwaukee m18 grease gun is very easy to use. You can use it as third hand.
  • This one is one of the best pros of this grease gun. This reduces the labor cost vastly.
  • The battery is 18v and this one is pretty powerful. Also, you can have a 30-minute charger with it.
  • 18v motor gives 562 bar max operating pressure which is quite handy
  • It takes no time to flow the grease. Very fast flow and without interruption.

What we didn't like

  • It takes several minutes to reach the prime for the first time but after some time it matches the pace.
  • It may be a bit costly as it provides 18v so that's not a big deal for a good product
  • It has a fluent flow of lubricant but a small amount of grease per stroke.


Question: Does this grease gun have any case? 
Answer:    Yes, this Milwaukee m18 grease gun has a very hard plastic case with it.

Question: Is the barrel made of plastic?
Answer:      No, the barrel is made of metal.

​Question: What about its warranty?
Answer:    These grease guns have 5 years warranty and 2 years for its battery.

Question: What about its battery? Does it fit other ah batteries?
Answer:    This Milwaukee m18 grease gun has 1.5 ah lithium ion battery and it will fit any Milwaukee M18 lithium ion battery. You can know more from other Milwaukee M18 grease gun review.

Final Verdict:

Milwaukee M18 grease guns are very much capable of using in heavy duty as well as small works too. Milwaukee M18 grease gun review is very acceptable and very positive from the users of this gun.

This one has 5 years warranty and 2 years warranty for the battery also it is not that much costly according to the facilities it provides.

You will want to have a tool like this if you are an equipment operator. Also, it has a very fast workability which saves your time.

So don't be so late and stop wasting your grease on others and buy this after going through Milwaukee M18 grease gun review.

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