Lincoln 1134 Grease Gun Reviews

Are you having problem lubricating your heavy duty machinery and industrial equipment? Or you are in a dilemma of choosing the best lubrication for your equipment? Tired of the jammed and slow flow rate of grease?

Here comes the solution. Lincoln has launched new Lincoln 1134 grease gun in the market. This is a complete package to rescue you from all the problems you face while lubrication. This gun is very well-made with a solid construction.

You can know how effective this gun from Lincoln 1134 grease gun reviews. This is very light and you can carry easily and also you don't need an extra hand to operate it. Most impressively it comes with a very affordable cost with one year warranty. Surely this gun is a winner. Grab it fast from the store for your machinery.

Whom is this product for?

  • Wind industryThis Lincoln grease gun is a solution for lubrication of valuable equipment to a standstill, vibration, high mechanical loads and other machinery in the wind industry.
  • Construction & Mining Industries: Construction and mining equipment are very sensitive. Moreover, they carry heavy loads and also goes into the soil that's why lubrication is very important for them. This gun is very useful.
  • Beverage industry: Lincoln 1134 grease gun has the right system of lubrication that is important for the food and beverage industry.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand- Lincoln.
  • Operating psi- 7500.'
  • Hose length- 18 inches.
  • Case- No case.
  • Cordless- Yes.
  • Capacity- 14-oz. grease cartridge.
  • Weight- 1.0 lbs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pneumatic Tool:
    Lincoln 1134 grease gun is a pneumatic tool. This grease gun has a variable speed trigger. This variable speed triggers enables you to choose the best flow speed of grease you need to apply depending on your task.
  • Toggle Mechanism:
    Lincoln 1134 grease gun is one of the best grease gun available in the market because of its toggle mechanism.
    Toggle mechanism prevents unwanted jamming or plunger bending. It ensures the fluent flow of lubrication.
  • Light And Strong:
    This grease gun weighs only 1 pound which is very light. You can carry it easily because of its light weight.
    Though it is light weight this gun has a very strong and durable cast head design. This gun is made of welded steel that's why it is so strong.
  • Long Hose:
    ​Lincoln 1134 grease gun has a very long hose. It has a 30" flexible hose. It also has a 6" rigid tube and 18 inches whip hose.
    This long hose is very much helpful for lubricating the places where it is hard for our hand to lubricate. Also, it can lubricate much deeper with its long hose.
  • Check valve:
    The Lincoln 1134 grease gun comes with a check valve.This helps you to clean the gun whenever you want also you can refill without having to disassemble the gun. This is one of the greatest features.


  • This one is made of welded steel which confirms its solid construction.
  • Variable speed trigger.
  • It has a great capacity of 14 ounces that is great.
  • This gun is easy to carry because of its light weight.
  • High-quality pump ratio.


  • Lincoln 1134 grease gun is not as powerful as air powered type.
  • You can only connect two cartridges at once.
  • This grease gun doesn't come with a storage case.


Question: Which cartridges does it take?
Answer:    It takes standard 14oz cartridges instead of bulk grease.

Question: Can you tell why it stops pumping after cartridges replacement?
Answer:    Probably the reason is air. Air get in the gun while you change the cartridges.

Question: Is there any leakage in the bottom part?
Answer:    No way. It shouldn't leak in any part.

Question: Can one person operate it or one needs help to hold?
Answer:     No. this Lincoln 1134 grease gun is very light and you easily can operate all by yourself.

Final Verdict:

Lincoln has different series of the grease gun. But these Lincoln 1134 grease gun reviews are very eye catching because of its cool features and benefits. This Lincoln 1134 grease gun is a pistol grip grease gun.

 It is a well-made tool and also it has a great flow rate with huge accuracy. I can surely say that this gun is a sturdy and forever lasting type grease gun. Lubricating will be fun with this gun.

This gun has met all the needs for your machinery and heavy duty equipment. You can use all the information given in this article to buy the gun. Without some minor faults, this gun is a great grease gun compare to others available in the market.

All the Lincoln 1134 grease gun reviews show the efficiency of this perfect gun.


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