5 Important Tools For Your Day To Day Activities

For easier and efficient working either for your wood works or even metal works, you need tools that are well fit for the work you want them to perform, there are very many tools in the markets that make your work much easier and have the expected results.

Some of the tools that you may need will be discussed in this article namely:

  • Brad nailer​
  • Plasma cutter
  • Telescoping ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Hand saws

The above tools perform their work efficiently and are worth every scent of your money, since they last long and make work much easier for you.

05 Important Tools For Your Daily Activities​

Brad nailer

A brad nailer is normally a smaller version of the basic finish nailer. It is usually used for smaller projects such as putting together moldings, trimming wood work projects. A brad nailer is used in attaching thin strips where a finish nailer cannot since it is too big.

Brad nailers are normally made from an 18 gauge wire. You can get yourself one of these 18 gauge brad nailer from the toolwinner website at affordable costs.


There are various styles of brad nailers, some are pneumatic which means that they do need a hose which is connected to an air compressor onto the power tool.

Although off late, some of the manufacturers are starting to make use of a cordless brad nailer that requires a battery that is rechargeable and a canister with compressed air that provides power to the tool.

There are also brad nailers with straight clip varieties as well as angled brad nailers which you can choose from. On the safety part of the using the brad nailer, it is quite safe to use due to its small nails although caution should be taken when using the tool, ear plugs are not really a requirement when using it since they do not produce a lot of noise, safety glasses can be used to protect your ears.

Plasma cutter

A plasma cutter is a tool that uses gas electrically to transfer its energy onto the material that is being worked on, there are very many budget plasma cutters that will save you some coins and still do their work perfectly.

Air comes out of the plasma cutter through a small nozzle orifice that is within the torch .the cutter has various components that you should familiarize with before you start using the tool, that is the power supply, which is the part that converts a three phase or a single AC into a smooth and standard DC voltage that ranges from 200 to 400VDC.


The DC voltage ensures that the plasma arc is well maintained during the cut, it maintains the current output depending on the material that is being worked on.

Another component is the arc starting console, this part normally produces AC voltage that about 5,000VAC at a 2MHz where the spark is produced inside the plasma torch in order to for the plasma arc to be created.

Another important part is the plasma torch that gives the consumables a cooling effect as well as alignment. The consumable parts include a swirl ring, nozzle as well as the electrode. There is also a shielding cap that is used to make the cut much easier and of better quality.

The following are the steps taken while using a plasma cutter: choose work location, plug in the unit then you connect the air after which you turn the air on and attach the ground clamp then turn on the machine.

Next step is to set the current and start cutting the metal, when done you turn off the machine and disconnect the ground clamp as well as turning off the air then finally wind up all hoses.

Telescoping ladder

The telescopic ladders are one of the common tools that come in handy when you cannot reach a certain height. Before you use this ladder or purchase it, it is important to know how it used safely. Before climbing onto the ladder it is important to make sure that the locking mechanisms on the ladder have all been used.


Do not use the ladder if you are not sure about its steadiness. Pickmyladder is a website that you can find all sorts of telescoping ladders that are affordable and worth it.

At pickmyladder website, only the best types of ladders are stocked and the ladders are used for a wide range of activities. You can opt for the Werner industrial telescopic ladders that are stocked in four different sizes that reaches up to a height of 7.8m .

They are easily transported and are used in four positions that is as a stairway, a stepladder, an extension ladder and as two scaffold bases.

Best Tape Measures

There are various types of tape measures in the market with different uses. The most important features to look for in a tape measure are length of the tape, durability as well as the brand reputation.


The best quality tape measures have a comfortable cushion like grip that helps to avoid slipping while being used. Here are some of the best measures in the market for your consideration.

​The Stanley 3375

This tape measure brand has the capability of meeting your expectations since it has the strength and durability which you need. The first six feet of this tape measure are secured with a blade amour coat that makes the whole blade strong.

It has an inbuilt cushion for a secure grip and resistance to damage when it falls. It has the ability to lock the blade in place as well as unlock it when you take your measurement. The spring which main purpose is to recoil the blade back has been heat treated to ensure it is more durable and the blade does not spoil easily.


This is also a very good tape measure with an auto locking blade. Marks on this tape measure are very easy to read and ideal for professional builders as well as hobby carpenters. It is made of quality steel which gives it the ability to last long and give you the service you expected.

Quick draw​

This is a quality tape measure that can be extended up to 12 feet and can extend with freehand without issues. This tape measure can be used in all weather conditions. Other quality tape measures include:

  • Stanley Power lock​
  • Pink Box
  • Komelon
  • Ubante
  • Magnelex
  • Lufkin

Hand Saw

​Hand saws can come in handy in day to day activities such as cutting wood, logs or even cutting metal. There are various hand saws that are in the market and below are the different types of hand saws and their uses:


Key hole saw, it is also known as a compass saw which is perfect for cutting holes in wood and curves. The blades are mounted on a handle that is either made of metal, wood or even plastic. This saw has a cross tooth pattern that is 10 to 12 teeth on every inch and it is also a push stroke hand saw.

Cross cut saw, is a hand saw that has a wide interchanging bevel teeth that is ideal for cutting rough surfaces on wood grains. The blades vary between 55 to 70cm and inches of up to 12.Panel saw, this type of hand saw is perfect for cutting small pieces of wood.

It is easily portable and much smaller as compared to the regular hand saws. It can be 46cm and up to 12 inches on its teeth.

Rip cut saw, its length is between 60 to 70 cm and its teeth are between 5 to 7 inches, it is a push stroke hand saw and the top teeth are sharpened.

Back saw, is used for fine wood cutting, in molding and also trimming. Teeth for this hand saw are much smaller compared to the other hand saws. They are close together in order to achieve the fine cur finishing. Length is around 20 to 40 cm.

Wallboard saw, it is a saw that is ideal for puncturing and cutting through wallboard and a plasterboard.it can either have a plastic handle or a wooden handle and installed with pointed blades and rough teeth.

Flooring saw, this saw is perfect during replacing floorboards.it is a push stroke hand saw and its teeth have between 12 to 15 inches.

Coping saw, this saw is used for cutting complex patterns on a wood. It is made of a steel frame and a wooden handle and can be adjusted to tighten the blade.it is a pull stroke hand saw.

Japanese saw, it is a pull stroke hand saw that is made from very fine steel. It has a much faster cutting power and produces less saw dust. Can be used for precision on hardwood and also softwood. The types of Japanese saw include: dozuki, ryoba, kataba.

Hacksaw, this saw has fine blades that can be replaced and are held by front and back pins.it is used for cutting metal and its teeth are between 18 to 32 inches. It is a push stroke saw.

Bow saw, it is a saw that is both push and pull and has a round steel frame, it has a shape of a bow. It is used for cutting logs.

Pruning saw, this saw has either curved or straight blades and is ideal for pruning with coarse teeth and its length is about 250cm

Final Thoughts​

In conclusion, the above tools are very important in the day top day activities for a professional builder or carpenter as well as for the DIY fanatics. These tools are worth every cent since they are of quality and make your much easier giving you perfect results.​

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