Do You Know How Does A Grease Gun Work

There are many individuals who are fascinated by guns. Regardless of the type.

Well, various types of guns are used in the different industries. One gun mainly used in workshops is the grease gun.

Now this is not a weapon but a tool used for pumping grease to a specific points on a car or wherever necessary.

But how does a grease gun work?

This is a very important question. There is lots of information which you must acquire that will provide you with your answer.

Firstly, there are primarily three ways in which these guns receive their power. They can be operated by electricity, pumped by hand or powered through air pressure.

Each of these different types of grease guns have their own benefits. These are based particularly on the application and the user’s preference.

Types of Grease Guns:

The manual type of grease gun is the most popular. It is able to produce about 1.20 grams of grease per pump through the use of the hands.

There are manual type guns that use both hands and one hand to pump the grease.

Another type is the air filled grease gun. This type uses comprised air channeled through the gun via a hose.

Then there is the electric grease gun. This is a battery operated pistol. It works in a similar fashion to the air filled pistol.

Grease Gun Maintenance:

Every tool, device or any piece of equipment needs to be properly cared. A grease gun is not an exception.

It is very important that you use and care this tool properly so that it will function correctly.

When using the device make sure you use grease and not oil. This should be obvious, since it is called a grease gun.

How Does A Grease Gun Work

However, this may not always be the case. Grease flows through the tool easily and does not leak.

Oil on the other hand would cause serious leakage and problems. You should never over or under grease your gun.

It is important that users know and follow the guns operational specifications.

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You will also find an infographic where the full demonstration is given with necessary media files.

Exactly How Does A Grease Gun Work:

Most manual type grease guns require the use of the lever to physically pump the grease out of the barrel of the gun into the hose.

The trigger can also be used to move the grease from the barrel to the hose in some manual types.

The barrel is the area that stores the grease in the gun. This grease is acquired from the cartridge that initially provided the grease.

These guns have a head that possesses pathways that provide routes for the grease to travel after leaving the barrel. The grease may enter a fixed or flexible tube.

How Does A Grease Gun Work

Grease guns have a section that is called the filler nipple which is the point where grease is instilled from a pump. It allows air to escape after grease arrives at the head of the pump.

The gun also has a spring that provides the needed pressure for the plunger. Then the follower rod aids the plunger as it maintains the necessary pressure on the tube.

In most cases grease guns use a 2-step method to pump grease.

How Does A Grease Gun Work

If there is air in the chamber you will be unable to achieve the needed pressure to open the grease nipple.

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