Ultimate Guide On Best Grease Gun Coupler Reviews

If you have cars, trucks or farm equipment then you might already know about the importance of applying grease and also the hassle that comes with it.

And to decrease your trouble there are many excellent grease gun coupler in the market. But each has some special features and some limitations.

So finding the right one according to your need and also at an affordable price is not an easy task. That is why today we are going to provide you the list of best grease gun coupler.

What Is A Grease Gun Coupler For?

Grease gun coupler is for applying grease in fittings with ease. It normally prevents wastage and saves you from the mess that occurs after you apply grease. They come with many features.

You can use them to apply grease in hard-to-reach fittings. There are many types of grease gun coupler like manual, pneumatic or electric.

The best grease gun couplers should be compatible with most grease guns. Some are heavy duty couplers who can operate under 10,000 psi pressure.

Best Grease Gun Coupler Review- Comparison Table​

05 Best Grease Gun Couplers for 2018

Best grease gun couplers of competitive models from different brands listed below

1. Lumax LX-1404 Silver 90 Degree Grease Coupler

It is designed in a way so that you can use it for hard-to-reach grease fittings on your car, motorcycle or farm equipment.

You can also use it for lubrication. It comes with a quick connect and spring loaded sleeve. This sleeve locks couplers in position for angular uses.

You don’t have to worry about corrosion as it is zinc plated. Its recommended working pressure is 3000 psi, though you can use it up to 4500 psi.

It also has small and large quick-disconnect adapters. So it can fit standard couplers. It has an extra cap that will go over the gap between the gun and the 90-degree fitting.

So the fitting will not wiggle at the grease gun connection.

Features And Benefits:​

  • Spring Loaded Ball: It comes with spring-loaded ball check valve. The total system is so compact and easy to adjust.So, it can prevent leakage in a great way.
  • Quick Connection Facility: Quick connect and a spring-loaded sleeve makes this product very easy to use. You can use as a nice springed system.
  • High Pressure Capability: Yan operate it up to 4500 psi pressure. This extreme pressure has made it a fantastic load carrier.
  • Hard To reach Grease Feeting: This product is designed specifically for hard-to-reach grease fittings. It has featured you a fantastic durability.
  • Hand Operated Grease Gun: You can use it with most hand operated grease guns. Though the process is a bit manual, you have a quite control over this gun.
  • Zinc plated: Its all through zinc plated body is another fantastic feature. So, it is safe from corrosion.
  • Quick Dis-Connect Adaptor: It comes with small and large quick-disconnect adapters. So it remains almost safe during high and low voltage stuation.

What we liked

  • It can prevent leakage.
  • Fits with most hand operated grease guns
  • Its dimensions is 5.9 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches
  • Ideal for lubrication of front and all-wheel drive vehicles.
  • It comes with quick-disconnect adapters, so it can fit standard couplers.
  • Safe from corrosion as it is zinc plated.

What we didn't like

  • Its head is quite large
  • The spring is too tight on the grease fittings
  • It is designed for hand-operated grease guns only

2. DEWALT DCGG5702 Right Angle Grease Gun Coupler

If you are looking for a heavy duty tool then DEWALT DCGG5702 Right Angle Grease Gun Coupler is just the thing that you need.

As it has maximum operating pressure up to 10,000 psi, so it will surely meet your need. You can use it for all kind of heavy applications. It is designed carefully so that you can access hard to reach zero fittings.

This right angle coupler is very lightweight and is compatible to use with most standard grease guns. There are no batteries required and you will also get a 30-day warranty for manufacturer defects.

Features And Benefits:

  • Extreme Operating Pressure: This grease gun coupler has maximum operating pressure up to 10,000 psi. This allows you a fantastic workability.​
  • All Out Application: It’s a heavy-duty piece, so you can use it for all kind of applications, whatever you want.
  • Special Design Allows Hard To Access Zero Fittings: This product is designed such a way so that you can reach hard to access zero fittings. So, it’s very simple to connect and use.
  • Right Angled Coupler Allows Mobility: It is a right-angle coupler with a cordless grease gun. So, you can easily move it while working in different places.
  • Light Weight Provides Easy To Carry: This coupler is lightweight coupler, only 7.2 ounces. No doubt you can move and work with it very comfortably.

What we liked

  • You can operate it up to 10,000 psi pressure.
  • It is a lightweight tool.
  • It is a heavy duty tool compatible with all kind of applications.
  • You will be able to reach hard to access fittings with it.
  • You can use it with most standard grease guns.

What we didn't like

  • It is a bit of expensive tool compared to other product.
  • A little big for some applications.

3.  LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

With this LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler, you will have a less painful and less frustrating greasing experience. Greasing your machine with this coupler is very easy as it has a unique and patented locking mechanism.

It provides a leak-proof seal and decreases waste and mess. You don’t have to struggle or fight with stuck-on couplers as to release the coupler, in case of a fitting is pressurized, you just have to depress the thumb lever.

If you prefer lever guns, this is the right choice for you, because after the coupler is locked on both hands are free to pump the grease.

Features And Benefits:​

  • Sleeve Locking Mechanism Gives Extra Safety: It comes with patented sliding sleeve locking mechanism. So, you can get extra safety while use.
  • 1/8” NPT Connection: It has a 1/8" NPT connection and works with all standard grease guns.
  • All Operated Grease Gun: You can use it with electric, pneumatic and even hand-operated grease guns. So, don’t worry about the source of operation.
  • Changeable Durable Nitrile Rubber Seal Gives Safety And Durability: It has a changeable durable nitrile rubber seal. So, it becomes greatly durable and safe while using in electricity.
  • Fantastic Pressure Capability Provides Extreme Workability: It can be operated up to 10,000 psi pressure. Also, It comes with four hardened spring steel jaws which are resilient in high pressure. Hence, it has become greatly workable.

What we like

  • It features a unique design which is leak proof.
  • Grease goes in and not on the machine, so will not have a mess.
  • It fits all SAE and metric zerk fittings.
  • It’s patented locking mechanism locks on the coupler and creates a leak proof seal.
  • To release the coupler, if a fitting becomes pressurized, all you have to do is depress the thumb lever.
  • You can simply change the seal when it is damaged or reaches its service life.

What we did't like

  • It is too hard to squeeze.
  • The website doesn’t have a customer service department.
  • Does not fit into tight places.

4. Gurtech Grease Coupler

This game changing Gurtech Grease Coupler is able to solve all of yours greasing problems. It has a patented lever action and sliding sleeve that lock the coupler onto the grease and thus creates a leak proof seal.

This coupler provides you a hand’s free greasing experience. You don’t have to use your hands to align the coupler or keep it on the zerk nipple.

This coupler is locked on and pumped to 690 bar without any leaking. You don’t have to worry about stuck couplers and broken fittings.

You can just press the trigger and release the coupler. You can replace you existing coupler with it as it is compatible with most grease guns. It also works with all grease gun types like manual, pneumatic and electric.

Features And Benefits:​

  • Malty Workable Source: It works with all grease gun types like pneumatic, electric or manual. So, it’s all out workable.
  • Fantastic Pressure Capability Increases Workability: This grease gun can be locked on and pumped to 690 bars (10,000 psi). So, its fantastic workability will facilize to do malty task.
  • Proper Automatic System And Zerk Nipple Will Make Your Work Easier: It doesn’t need any hands to align the coupler or keep it on the Zerk nipple. It’s fully automatic. So, easy to use.
  • Placing Facility Will Ensure Your Further Comfort: You don’t need to hold it while greasing. You can just lock-on and free up both hands and operate the grease gun.

What we liked

  • It is a patented lock-on grease gun coupler.
  • It works with all grease gun types.
  • This coupler works on all metric (DIN) and SAE specification zerks.
  • This coupler works on all metric (DIN) and SAE specification zerks.
  • You just simply press the trigger to release the coupler from the zerk.
  • It is compatible with most grease guns like PowerLuber, DeWalt, and many others.
  • With this coupler, grease goes into the joints, not around the zerks.

What we didn't like

  • It is an expensive product compared to other products.
  • The unit is big for some applications.

5. Lumax LX-1400-2 Silver 1/8" NPT Standard Grease Coupler

This standard grease coupler has a lot of features to solve all the problems you have. You can use it with most hand operated grease guns and it also fits all 1/8 inches NTP threads.

To prevent leakage, pressure loss and lubricant backup it has built in spring loaded ball check valve. Its four hardened steel jaws ensure durability and precision fit.

It has a slight pushing action that snaps jaws onto fittings. It provides 4500 psi maximum operating pressure.

Its small outside diameter makes it able to contact with recessed fittings. It has a knurled body. It is also zinc plated.

Features And Benefits:​

  • Four Hardened Steel Jaws Create High Pressure For Workability: It comes with four hardened steel jaws. It creates 4500 psi pressure which is very high for manual coupler. Hence, you’ll find fantastic workability.
  • Spring Loaded-Ball Check Valve Prevents Leakage: This coupler can prevent leakage as it has Spring-loaded ball check valve.
  • Knurled Body Allows Easy Install Or Remove: It has a knurled body and it flats so that you can easily install or remove it.
  • Small Outside Diameter Permits Recessed Fittings: Its outside diameter is small so it permits contact with recessed fitting. Besides it is very comfortable to use in hand.
  • Zinc Plated Coat Protects Against Corrosion: It is zinc plated so it ensures maximum protection against corrosion. So, you’ll be safe from corrosion type damages.

What we liked

  • This coupler can be used with most hand operated grease guns.
  • Fits all 1/8 inches NTP thread.
  • It can be operated up to 4500 psi pressure.
  • Spring loaded valve prevents leaks, pressure loss and also provides lubricant backup.
  • Four steel jaws ensure a superior seal, longer life and precision fits.
  • It comes with a small outside diameter that permits easy contact with recessed fittings.
  • It has knurled body and it is also zinc plated.

What we did't like

  • Once locked on it is very hard to get it disengaged zerk.
  • It is hard to get it to lock onto the zerk.

Grease Gun Coupler Buying Guideline:

As now you have a complete idea about best grease gun coupler so now we will talk about the buying guideline of grease gun coupler.

First, you should consider about the leakage protection of the coupler, as you don’t want a mess or waste any grease.

Consider the maximum working pressure, diameter, and durability. If it has some kind of protection against corrosion then it is a nice choice.

Check if it is compatible with most standard grease guns and if you can use it with all types of grease guns. Last check if you can change its seal if damaged.

And finally, consider the service life of the coupler. Considering all of this you should be able to buy the perfect grease gun coupler according to your need at a reasonable price.

Final Verdict:

Greasing becomes a lot easy with the right grease gun coupler. You will use a tool when it works well. The leading cause of greasing frustration and poor greasing maintenance is the leaking and stuck couplers.

But the right grease gun coupler can make greasing a pleasing experience. It will prevent the leakage with its leak proof seal and it will have some kind of mechanism to make sure the coupler doesn’t get stuck.

We hope that with our list of Best grease gun coupler you will be able to choose the right one according to your need.

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